Womenswear Day at DOH

Snaps of some clients/pals from our womenswear event over the weekend. Handmade jewelry and window decals, one-off artist tees, & 90s/y2k era vintage curated by Stacie Janelle Fishman, Hazel DeMarco, Mirella MivilleVintage Sponsor, Aaron Ginsberg, Kelsea Kosko & Lee Phillips. Photos by Kelsea Kosko.

 Shizen Brooklyn stylist Angelica Airi Devou in a Polo Sport beanie curated by Vintage Sponsor.
The lovely Julian Acevedo with her purchases.

 Photographer and boss lady Liv Lange came down from her freezing office to cop a much-needed 90s Gap turtleneck.

Angelica again enjoying some Polo.

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