The Hardware Collective for DOH Online

The Hardware Collective is our newest chapter of the Dept. of Happiness narrative. Sharply focused on creating pieces for craftspeople of all ilks and trades, our hardware line consists of up-cycled and reconstructed accessories that are often functional and tactical, yet always aim to be playful, thought-provoking, or to simply remind us of a fond memory. You can purchase our new wares at, and any inquiries can be mailed to The following pieces were designed by Kelsea Kosko, and we look forward to releasing some upcoming capsules by several other craftswomen including Hazel DeMarco and Kaylie Lynn

 STP in Tokyo Belt Loop Chain.
 (Above): Nintendo Gamecube Screwdriver Chain. (Below): Vintage Stanley Powerlock Tape Measurer Chain.
 (Below): Stanley PowerLock Chain, Imaginarium Choker, & Rodeo Wrangler Chain.
 (Below): Detail of Rodeo Wrangler Chain Choker.

Ball Pendant Chain Choker.
 Life Member Gold Chain Choker.

 (Above): Polar Seltzer Choker. (Below): Riding Crop Necklace.

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