Code of Conduct Catalog Part I

Photographs by Kelsea Kosko

We are pleased to share the first set of images for the 2nd DOH Code of Conduct Catalog coming this fall. You can preview and purchase our first catalog, Employee Handbook, at our webshop.

 Above and Left: Brian Gonzalez in Dept. of Happiness reflective Sno King one-off windbreaker and Cement & Concrete Workers District Council of New York long sleeve tee.

 Left: Destiny Renea Long in vintage Lawman jeans and one-off warped Dept. of Happiness pullover.

 Left: Andromeda Hewson in secondhand chocolate brown suede onesie.
 Left: Brian at his worksite in Double Happiness x DOH tee.

 Left: Hazel DeMarco in her tattoo studio in Dept. of Happiness embroidered cap.
 Left: Andromeda in one-off Lil Italy hoodie.

Below: Curation of vintage coffee mugs by Kelsea Kosko sourced in Philadelphia, Pa.

 Left: Kelsea with a one-off of the Department of Happiness Mood Stabilizer beach towel photographed by Aleksey Sizov.

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